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Concept, design and integration of electronics and mechatronic systems

Electronic design

>> Electronic and power electronic design based on the IPC standards and including: schematics, choice of components (enhanced devices library), PCB routing, manufacturing documentation, component management and sub-contractor supervising.

>> Innovative design based on the CPLD and modularity, new technologies application as distributed approach, VME standard

>> Large international collaboration and sub-contracting network allowing to propose different prices and delivery time


Mechtronic integration

>> General concept, electronic and mechanic implementation, global integration, interconnection, parts definition and functional dispatching (rack, power modules, PCBs, cabling etc.)

>> Time effective solutions based on a family of ready-to-use hardware and firmware components which use a modular design (see IMCS project). Any bespoke application can be quickly and easily assembled corresponding to a particular combination of actuators, sensors or specific requirements


Control, test and simulation

>> Low level control firm and middle-ware: DSP, C language, kinematics, command interpreter, CAN bus,

>> Control of actuators as voice coil, Brushless etc,

>> Direct programming from Simulink@ and Scilab simulation schematics.

>> Test set-up including  test interface implementation (LabView)

>> Monitoring and data logger: as example solar implementation and environmental protection

Mechanical design and integration

>> Mechanical concept, design and manufacturing including: boxes and power modules, front panels, heat-sinks, racks and control modules, assembling documentation

Actuator design

>> Design and implementation of actuators integrated with a mechanism and applying permanent magnets

>> 2D finite-element magnetic distribution optimisation and simulation


>> Specific, singular industrial and robotic implementations

>> Research, development and test platformes

>> Educational platforms (student and PhD works)

>> Demonstrator (showroom, exhibition etc.)

Project flow
Product examples
Intelligent Motion Control System (rack implementation)
YouTube pdf

The IMCS is a cost and time effective solution to implement complex and high-performance motion control/test systems or prototypes. It constitutes a family of ready-to-use hardware and firmware components which use a modular and distributed intelligence approaches. A bespoke solution can be quickly and easily assembled from these components, corresponding to a particular combination of actuators and sensors.
Intelligent Motion Control System (standalone) pdf

In the case of the distributed installation where an amplifier have to be as short as possible to actuator the IMCU can be applied in its standalone version. Additionally, the Raspberry device including Ethernet connection and Web server can be installed. Knowing that the applied DSP control directly the power module an optimal PWM's strategy was implemented to reduce power losses and improving EMC conditions. 

Modular Test Interface 
YouTube(LEM)   YouTube(MTI) pdf

The MTI is a cost effective set of test interfaces (modules) between tested unit and measure equipment. It includes common module as voltage, current, differential types but also easy to be customized. All modules are based on high performances components and provide a galvanic isolation including common supply (5Vdc). Applications: cost effective test set-up, educative element to practice: sensor adjustment, calibration, different technologies and their performances.
Control Driver (dsPIC33EP) YouTube pdf
Control Driver (PIC32MK) in development

The CD is an autonomous controller DSP-CPLD based which combine all the functions necessary to control one actuator or customized applications as:  Opto I/O, isolated CAN and RS485 (Modbus or synchronization), USB/RS232/TTL interface, isolated high performances ADC and DAC, I2C bus, programmable digital interface based on the CPLD's technology etc.
Complex control system for Slit-Mask (Caltech Mosfire project)

Complex control system (HW part) including two main parts: Control and Amplifier Racks based on the IMCU technology. This system is currently in using by Keck Observatory (Hawaii)
Wireless mesh as Monitoring and Data Logger (in development)

The MDL include three types of elements: Node, Access and Extender. The main application is monitoring of large and complex structures as buildings, parkings, solar installation etc. Its modular design provide possibilities to apply different type of sensors as temperature, humidity, air quality, gaz etc. The MDL includes: 6LoWPAN (multihop) for short and LoRa (TTN) for large range of communication.
Project examples


RS232 to 1wire (LIN) interface

Avionic quality, RS232/UART to 1wire (LIN) interface to mesure temperatures in different points of a complex mechatronic system
Control rack for Sofia (DLR/NASA) application

Designed and manufactured rack included: customized Analog interfaces and commercial boards implemented on the VME bus configuration based on the customized back-plane. It is one of three different sub-assemblies. 

We have participated in the main for scientific instrumentation SPIE conference presenting our IMCS technology and its main concept. Two posters were presented:

Centralized or distributed control configuration.

Highly integrated versatile motion control units.

electronics-lis, based in Neuchatel (Switzerland) is developping and manufacturing a large type of electronics and mechatronic applications. It includes few employees to provide perennity and technical support for its products. But in relation with developed project, we can extend activates on a large network of experts in different domains as optics, simulation (MATLAB, Comsol), mechanics etc. Each of us, has participated in exciting industrial but also research, avionic or instrumentation projects as:
Mosfire (Caltech, Keck), Sofia (DSI and Nasa), GTC etc.

Same innovative products as IMCS are already applied in a wide type of scientific instruments, high performance industrial applications and test platforms.

The main activities are focused on electronics and their integration into mechatronic implementations. Our main objective is to develop and manufacture any challenging applications including essentially innovative technologies and high performances requirements. 

If you are developing any simple or complex mechatronic application including high quality and performance requirements, don't hesitate to contact electronics-les. We can share our experiences, wide expertise and subcontracting network.

Our objective is to be flexible and with our recent investements (3D printer, CNC) to improve timing and delivery scheduling. 

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